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Create & Deploy Unlimited Secret Codes From One Centralized Location And Grow Your Business Multifold



From the desk of: Jayadeep Rath

Dear Marketer !

I want to thank you for visiting and I firmly believe that you'll be completely blown away with what this powerful and flexible script can do for you. The ways in which you can take advantage of this script are far too many to list and is limited only by your creativity and imagination. It will lend a new life to your business - whether online or offline.

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This easy to install script can be useful and may be a life changing weapon for your business. I have made it easy as I offer an extremely flexible, and easy to install Secret Code script...

Introducing... The Technology To Make It All Happen :

The "" Script !

Powerful Benefits:

Generate a secret code needed to motivate your visitors into buying your products.
Use the script on as many pages as you want.
Preset ASecretCode to expire after a single use.
Preset ASecretCode to expire by the number of days, hours and/or minutes.
Preset ASecretCode to expire on a fixed calendar date.
Preset ASecretCode to be active indefinitely till it is deleted by you.
Preset ASecretCode to expire after a fixed number of uses.
Easily customize the generated HTML code to match your salespage or whereever you decide to put "ASecretCode" box.
Easy Administration Panel with secure login manages all your secret Codes at one centralized place.
Easy to set up PHP script with clear instructions.
All Customers Get Installation Support In Case Of Any Difficulty. Once it is set up, it is managed through a friendly user interface which anyone can manage irrespective of technical expertise.


In earlier times, coupon codes and promo codes have been used to influence market segments. However, " Script" can be used with more powerful benefits due to the flexible nature of the script which takes into account both the online mediums and the offline mediums especially in this new age environment wherein the gap between online and offline is diminishing. For me, it is all about getting traffic to your website or blog. Now, who said that website traffic can be sourced from an online medium only. In fact, on certain circumstances, it is the offline source of traffic that can prove to be highly beneficial in terms of ROI especially due to the "word of mouth" effect. " Script" can be used to target specific market segments as well as special occasions by creating secret codes by the occasion name and give a new meaning to your business. For example, you can create special occasion secret codes like NEWYEAR, VALENTINES, FATHERSDAY, MOTHERSDAY, THANKSGIVING, etc, etc. Your imagination can take you very far when you sit down to create your secret codes once you have this powerful script.

Using automatically expiring secret codes can prove to be effective in triggering impulse buying through behavioral changes seen in your prospect and by creating a sense of urgency, scarcity and limitation in quantity.

" Script" can be used to enhance your customer loyalty rewards program by giving select customers access to product discounts automatically. It can also be used to attract new customers through special secret codes as incentive for subscribing to your newsletter or buying your products. Heck ! It can also be used to please a dis-satisfied customer.

ASecretCode script is designed to get your visitors involved by guiding your visitors and encouraging them to initiate action. script has been designed for Internet Marketers & can also be used effectively for traditional Offline Campaigns. This powerful script will allow you to create unlimited, custom specified secret codes to offer your visitors benefits that they cannot refuse and at the same time redirect your visitor to a "secret" page if they enter ASecretCode on your site. The secret page can be on your own site or an external URL outside your website or blog. This can prove to be effective to empower your customers. script has an easy administration panel that you will be able to log in and quickly create and manage all your secret Codes. ASecretCode box is automatically generated and can easily be posted to your web page or blog. It can also be customized to match the look and feel of your website by making small changes in the code as shown below.

It can also be made to look like this as a simple ASecretCode box for your visitors to punch in the secret codes you have given them as shown below.

Here's How You Can Use This Powerful and Yet Extremely Flexible Script:

ASecretCode Set To Be Active Until Deleted

If you want to create a promotion with the Code "SPECIALFORYOU" you can create this code in the administration panel. Then you specify the URL if your visitor enters the correct code.

For example:

Enter:  "SPECIALFORYOU" (without the quotes) in ASecretCode box by clicking here It will take you to the page I specified it to take you to if you entered a correct secret code. 

Now, type in an incorrect code and see what happens.

You'll notice that when you enter the invalid code, it will take you to an error page.  You can specify the contents of this page as well.

You can send your visitors who punch in an invalid code to a generic page like I am doing or you can send them to a discount page, an affiliate link or a download page...the script is extremely powerful and flexible which means you can specify the contents that your visitors will see when they enter an invalid code. 

ASecretCode Set To Expire After A Single Use

If you want to create a promotion with the Code "SINGLEUSEONLY" you can create this code in the administration panel. Then you specify the URL if your visitor enters the correct code.

For example:

Enter:  "SINGLEUSEONLY" (without the quotes) in ASecretCode box by clicking here. It will take you to the page I specified it to take you to if you entered an expired code although it was a correct secret code. 

ASecretCode Set To Expire After A Number Of Days / Hours / Minutes

This is interesting.;-) If you want to create a promotion with asecretcode that expires after 2 Minutes, (it's upto you to specify the validity period of asecretcode), you can send your visitors to a specially created URL within your admin panel wherein asecretcode is automatically generated with the specified number of days/hours/minutes validity as created by YOU. I have for demonstration purposes created a special URL where I have specified trhe validity to be 2 Minutes.

For example:

Visit:  this URL by clicking here. It will take you to the page where it will automatically generate asecretcode which will be valid for 2 Minutes only. Now...go ahead and enter the code in ASecretCode box by clicking here. For 2 Minutes, it will take you to the correct code page I have specified.  and VOILA...after 2 minutes, the code will no longer be valid. Isn't this powerful ? If 2 Minutes is over since you created the code, go ahead and enter the code in ASecretCode box by clicking here.  Now, let your imagination run wild and you will find a dozen ways wherein you can use this technology to fuel your business : Online or Offline.

ASecretCode Set To Expire On A
Fixed Calendar Date

This is another profitable use of script. If you want to create a promotion with asecretcode that expires on a fixed calendar date, (it's upto you to specify the future date when asecretcode will expire) , you can create asecretcode within your admin panel wherein asecretcode will be valid till a particular calendar date as specified by YOU. I have for demonstration purposes created asecretcode where I have specified the validity for a future calendar date.

For example:

01-Jan-2015. Now, visit this URL by clicking here. It will take you to the page where I have placed asecretcode box. Now...go ahead and enter the code "VALIDTILL2015" (without the quotes) in ASecretCode box located here. Now, unless you are reading this after 01-Jan-2015, you will go to the page I have specified if you enter the correct secret code. You can also see what happens when you enter an invalid secret code. It will take you to an "Invalid Page". Powerful stuff you will use over and over again. Right ?

ASecretCode Set To Expire After A
Fixed Number Of Uses

This is another powerful option to explore and put to profitable use. If you want to create a promotion with the Code "3USESONLY" you can create this code in the administration panel. Then you specify the URL if your visitor enters the correct code.

For example:

Enter:  "3USESONLY" (without the quotes) in ASecretCode box by clicking here. It will take you to the page I specified it to take you to if you entered an expired code although it was a correct secret code.  Obviously, this code has already been used 3 times.

Since you have missed out on actually seeing the first 3 uses of this secret code, here is how it works :

You visitor sees this if he or she is the third person to use the secret code :

On clicking the OK button, he or she is taken to the page which you have specified in your admin panel as the "Success Page" for the secret code. For example, it could be an URL like this or any other URL / web page you specify in your admin panel :

Have you realized that we are discussing advanced marketing intelligence on this page ?...but script makes it easy to set up all the options. 

Only your imagination can limit what you can do with script.

Have you noticed that I have been involving you throughout your stay on this page and you are active and interacting with the website and Me ;-) ?

You are trying out the secret codes and exploring the possibilities. Am I Right ? I am triggering your impulses to interact with me in real time because you know what I am saying here makes profound sense, especially if you are a marketer searching for new methods to target your market segments. That is the power of script.

Once you have the script for yourself, just imagine what you can do with script to get YOUR visitors participating on your site and involving them throughout the sales page and demonstrate the benefits which makes it easy for them to take action.

You can use script to guide your visitors through an entire sales process and allow them to make a decision by showing them the exact benefits they get from being your customer. Remember, script can be used for off-line mediums as well. I will not question your intelligence by telling you how. The pointers I have shown above should be enough to fuel your imagination and create new innovative uses to take to its full potential. I cannot resist this. How about trying to find someone who will wear your SecretCode T-Shirt for a payment ? How about hiring someone to print asecretcode on his/her forehead and going to the most crowded marketplace in your locality ? How about having a mobile campaign and using a secretcode to get mobile users to visit your website ?.....I am sure you are getting massive ideas. That's how powerful " Script" can be....

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for every serious marketer - whether online, offline or both to implement methods into their business right away....

So I had a series of top quality programmers make the Script into a script so powerful and so flexible that it could almost be dangerous if it goes into the wrong hands. Script is remarkably easy to use, and it has some extremely powerful features.

In other words, you will be having a powerful medium to implement secret Codes into your marketing and start driving your business to higher levels !...

So as you can see, this script is vital to your success with methods, and therefore to your overall marketing objectives.

You will be seeing a lot of your fellow marketers who will be using " Script" with amazing results. Would you like to be left behind and hear their success stories in the future or would you rather buy the script and be a part of the action ?

You definitely don't want to be one of the marketers that are left behind, just watching everyone else become successful.

OK Jay ! What's The Price Of This Powerful Script ?

I know I'll be making several people in the industry mad at me by what I'm going to do.

People were so scared that this powerful script will be used by their competition that they were forcing me to charge a hefty price for this script.

However, I would rather make this script available to anyone who will use it and benefit from it instead of charging a high price and thus making it out of reach for many marketers.

I truly believe that when this script and the ideas become easily available it will grow and spread by itself.

Those who are starting out will be able to get a head start, and those that are already successful will be able to increase their business across the spectrum.

So, how much am I asking for this incredible script? Only $47 dollars!

But...WAIT !

I really want to get this powerful and flexible script in the hands of as many marketers as possible so that they can use it to create a difference to their marketing efforts. I am slashing the price by $10.00 for a limited time. All You have to pay is $37.00 to be the proud owner of script. However, I am not sure as to when I will pull the attractive discount out of the market place.

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I want this to be an absolute no-brainer for you and I would like to make it an easy decision for you.... so check out these attractive bonuses for a limited time :

Bonus 1 - Regularly Updated Ideas

These ideas and tips which will be sent only to the buyers of the script will help you to take huge strides in your marketing efforts.

Bonus 2 - Entry To The Customers Only Referral Program

As a valued customer, once you become a buyer of this script from this page, you are entered into the private customers only referral program. This is a powerful bonus as you will be able to make good your purchase price by referring just "2 sales" of this easy to sell script. Please note that this referral program is a closed buyers only program as of now. However, I do reserve the right to make it an open ended referral program in the future. If you are seeing this bonus on this page, it is still a customers only referral progam which means there will hardly be any competition amongst affiliates to sell this script.

Bonus 3 - Ultra Secret Codes In Your Email Inbox

You'll receive ultra secret Codes from time to time which will be sent to only buyers of the script.

You will be a part of the preferred customer list which will have access to...

  • Useful products and information
  • Hefty discounts for many products
  • and Much Much More !

Trust me when I say that you definitely want to be a part of this VIP Inner Circle !

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YES Jay ! I Want To Grab My " Script" For This Insanely Low Price.

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Just Let Me In Now So I Don't Lose My Chance To Secure My Access At The Incredibly Low One-Time Investment Of Only $37.00 !


The Price Is Subject To Change At Any Time Without Notice.

System Requirements: Linux Server (cPanel is perfect!), MySQL and PHP

Installation Support Provided If Required.

To Your Marketing Success,

Jayadeep Rath
Creator :

P.S. Remember, you're backed by our full support in case you face any problems in installing this script. You will be recieving my personal email address for any help in installing the script. However, please note that as is the case with digital downloads, it is virtually impossible to keep track of refunds. Therefore, there is no refund policy attached with this offer.

P.P.S. In just a few hours time, you could potentially increase your opt-ins and increase your conversions ! Don't miss out on this opportunity !

P.P.P.S. For a script of this kind which you will use over and over again, Script is attractively priced. and comes at a bargain price currently. So just go ahead and Buy to secure your script now ! Refund Policy

As we are dealing with digital downloads here, I do not have any control of the script once it is downloaded. In effect, all sales are final and are non-refundable. By completing your purchase you fully understand and you agree that you are purchasing digital, non-tangible goods and as such are not entitled to a refund of said goods.

However, you will have our support in case you have difficulty in installing the script on your hosting account. In case the script fails to work on your hosting account even though your hosting supports PHP, We will, at our discretion refund the amount paid by you if you request a claim within 30 days from the date of purchase and with proof that the script is not working on your PHP server. This holds good only if we are not able to make the script work on your PHP based hosting account.

Earnings Disclaimer

Although this is a powerful tool which can help boost your sales , the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including of course the quality and nature of your website traffic. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this script. If you buy this script, you agree that you will be using the script at your own risk. This is NOT a Make Money or Get Rich Program. 

Please note that this script is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights.
Any infringement will be severly dealt with.

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